September 11, 2023
CJC’s CIO, Global ITSM & SecOps Leaders Visit London HQ
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Gina Wee Delivers Powerful Town Hall on Global Operational Performance and ISO 27001 Renewal


LONDON, 11 SEPTEMBER, 2023 – Gina Wee, Chief Information Officer at Crown Jewels Consultants (CJC), the award-winning and leading market data technology consultancy and service provider, and senior managers from Singapore, Hong Kong and New York arrived at the London office to deliver a powerful townhall meeting on CJC’s global operations performance.

The global town hall is a CJC calendar landmark, where senior leadership provides detailed insights on service delivery and technical market data support operations, IT and InfoSec services to both internal and external clients, KPI performance alongside service improvement results, and upcoming new support techniques.

CJC CIO, Gina Wee, provides Town Hall in 2023

Source: CJC - Gina Wee, Chief Information Officer, leads town hall.

As a global organisation, CJC’s town hall is often done remotely, however, with IT Security and industry-leading standards being a major 2023 focus, it was decided face-to-face was preferable and followed by direct 1:1s with staff. The visit also corresponds with CJC’s 2023-2024 ISO 27001 audit, passed with flying colours.


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Joining Gina at the town hall:

  • Paul Massoni – Head of Managed Services, Americas.
  • Sonic Chan – Head of Managed Services, APAC.
  • Wilson Seow – SecOps Manager.
  • Nicole Cheng – Global Head of Business Integration, APAC.
  • Evgeny Smirnov – Head of Products and Standard.
  • Umesh Tailor – Head of Managed Services, EMEA.
  • Peter Price – Global Head of Internal Services & Cloud Operations.

The town hall revealed (below) that CJC met all SLA and KPI performance targets for clients globally for the last 12 months (Aug 22-Jul 23). Beyond the town hall, Gina and the team passed an independent external ISO 27001:2013 audit.

Source: CJC - KPI Achievement

Gina, Chief Information Officer at CJC, said, “Town halls are always enjoyable, especially when the team has accomplished so much in the last 12 months. We ran ambitious improvement projects for managed services, IT, and InfoSec in a comprehensive transformation programme. We were eager to share a lot of information in a comprehensive way to get everyone up to speed, regardless of which function they specialise in.” She adds, “The feedback for this week of sharing of information and ideas was amazing, which spurs on more improvement actions.”

On SLAs and KPIs, Gina comments, “We are results-driven, and the team takes great pride in achieving full SLA target goals. Workstreams to improve speed and accuracy using greater levels of automation and peer-to-peer training are principles we believe in and invest in. This helps us stay competitive in the market. There is so much good work that goes on behind the scenes which culminates in that sea of green scores. It was great spending quality time with our team in London and listening to their ideas about how we can better serve our clients.”

Regarding ISO 27001, Gina said, “We first started our ISO 27001 journey in 2018 with a team led by our previous CIO who laid a great foundation for us to build on. Since then, the global work environment has changed dramatically with external events like the pandemic. We have had to re-think and rebuild our infrastructure and processes to meet the demands of a remote work culture while reaching higher standards of security and compliance in new business areas. It has been challenging, to say the least, and the transformation team as well as all our colleagues have been amazing in their attitude and resilience.”

Gina adds, “In addition to ISO 27001 and the journey to v2022, we are adopting international security standards like CIS benchmarks as part of our continuous improvement efforts. We had much to share with our auditor this year and it was important for the functional leaders to attend the audit in person.”

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About Crown Jewel Consultants (CJC)

CJC is the leading market data technology consultancy and service provider for global financial markets. CJC provides multi-award-winning consultancy, managed services, cloud solutions, observability, and professional commercial management services for mission-critical market data systems. CJC is vendor-agnostic and ISO 27001 certified, enabling CJC’s partners the freedom to focus on their core business. 

About ISO 27001

ISO 27001, formally known as ISO/IEC 27001:2022, is an information security standard created by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), which provides a framework and guidelines for establishing, implementing and managing an information security management system (ISMS).

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