ICT Security Standards

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ICT Security - The Highest Priority for CJC

In today's digital age, cybersecurity is of utmost importance. Our highest priority is the IT security of our clients and CJC's internal systems. Customers demand that their third-party dependencies have equal or better standards than their own. CJC has a robust IT security policy to safeguard your data and technology infrastructure against potential breaches, human errors, and system malfunctions that can severely impact business operations.


ISO 27001

CJC is ISO 27001 certified, the globally recognised management system for data and information security. Our security commitment means CJC complies with the latest regulations and minimises client exposure to risk.


CJC understands the importance of data protection and is committed to ensuring physical and cloud data centres are managed to the highest standards. Our approach is critical for safeguarding data and ensuring reliability.


Network connectivity is a crucial component of the services provided by CJC. Our connectivity solutions ensure client data is secure, private, and protected from cyber threats.


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