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Transforming Real-Time Technology and Support To Cloud

CJC has been supporting cloud technologies since 2011. CJC's team are experts in real-time data infrastructures, financial markets and cloud technologies. Combined with our award-winning managed services, CJC can safely transform your business to the cloud, mitigating risk and leveraging the latest technologies to achieve commercial benefits.

CJC have advanced cloud tooling products to migrate and manage your workloads to the cloud. Our Managed services significantly reduce your workload – especially when it comes to IT security.

"CJC are long-term Cloud advocates with over a decade of experience in the optimal deployment of industry-specific workloads to GCP, AWS and Azure. Our solutions meet our customer's demands across latency, performance, cost efficiency, security and compliance."
Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer at CJC



CJC offers specialist cloud services based on the design and architecture or migration to new cloud-based environments. Customers can also leverage proactive monitoring, end-to-end management and troubleshooting of clients’ software components and infrastructures.


CJC's cloud support leverages powerful cloud tooling, including a powerful management interface to build and maintain your cloud environment. All of CJC's monitoring and support services are powered by the cloud.


CJC support the world's leading market data provider technologies and platforms. For clients that require these services from the cloud, aside from managing these platforms, CJC will also host them from our global, zero-trust environments.

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