April 22, 2021
Webinar: Transforming FIX/Market Data Distribution and Consumption via Google Cloud

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As market data complexity and volume continue to expand, more financial firms are moving data to the cloud with 90% of financial firms stating they will use public cloud for their market data needs in less than four years. For consumers, huge costs are incurred on time spent on ingesting, cleaning and formatting market data to be ready for consumption and on maintenance of the infrastructure to do so. For publishers, legacy infrastructure forces innovation limitations and often runs into issues with replicated data and data silos for distribution over traditional mechanisms and protocols.

In this round table session with industry leaders we inform and discuss new channels possible for market data delivery in cloud. We discuss in depth how all types of distribution can be transformed including batch, historical tick and real-time market data distribution via Google Cloud. We furthermore focus on a key use case for Fix Data Distribution (Surfix) in GCP under joint implementation at TP ICAP that will bring huge operational efficiency and integration flexibility for clients. 

Listen to learn:

  • Industry insights on key challenges on market data consumption and distribution and the opportunity for cost and operational optimization

  • The mix of cloud distribution, technologies and tools available to transform legacy market data infrastructure and pipelining

  • Focus on a FIX data delivery, usage of FIX within the industry and the changing industry to be cloud-ready for FIX usage 

  • Benefits for both market data publishers and consumers



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