November 30, 2021
CJC Migrates Parameta Solutions’ Market Data Universe Into Google Cloud
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LONDON, NOVEMBER 30, 2021 -- Parameta Solutions, the flagship brand of TP ICAP's data & analytics division and leading global provider of OTC market data, has leveraged the expertise of CJC, a leading capital markets technology consulting firm, to transform its market data universe and migrate onto Google's Cloud Platform.

Parameta Solutions partnered with CJC to continue its cloud journey, a key emerging trend in the financial services industry. CJC's technology is largely based in the cloud. As a result, Parameta's SURFIX™ solution is now scalable and future-proof, paving the way for new products, services, and solutions.

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Roland Anderson, CIO Data and Analytics at TP ICAP, said "A major benefit of being in the cloud, specifically with Google, is the ability to capitalize on the global reach and enhanced technology of the company. Such as the network effect and reach that GCP has and the ability for Parameta Solutions to use that for distribution. Parameta Solutions and Google are data-driven companies with a focus on the Data sharing concept that is becoming more prevalent within Financial Markets. This along with the Market Data services provider CJC is a partnership that allows a fully managed Cloud-native solution. Parameta Solutions' data moves around the firm rapidly and needs to be transformed, stored, and managed. Using the GCP platform we are capable of providing a TP ICAP mutli-brand view of our data. Thereby using cloud technology to improve the business outcome for the client."

On cloud infrastructure, Peter Williams, CTO at CJC, said "There must be a holistic approach to the operational support model, not just the development and implementation of new ways of delivering and subscribing to the data. Your team's skills and processes need to be aligned with the way the technology is utilized. To implement new and forward-looking capabilities, having a traditional support function is of no value. Your team should be familiar with site reliability engineering disciplines and automation processes."

CJC's Cloud Solutions provides partners with the flexibility, resilience, scalability and adaptability of public, private, and hybrid cloud. Users can easily pivot to the changing demands of business opportunities.

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About Crown Jewel Consultants (CJC)

CJC is the leading market data technology consultancy and service provider for global financial markets. CJC provides consultancy, managed and professional services for mission-critical systems, enabling the freedom for CJC's partners to focus on their core business. CJC is ISO 27001 certified. Find out more >>

About Parameta Solutions

Parameta Solutions, a TP ICAP company, is a leading global provider of OTC market data. From pre- to post-trade, Parameta's solutions help clients manage complex markets more effectively. Find out more >>

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