May 8, 2024
Championing Youth Athletics: CJC Sponsors Leventhorpe Rugby Team
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CJC Empowers Next Generation Athletes with Rugby Tour Sponsorship


LONDON, MAY 8, 2024 – Crown Jewels Consultants (CJC), the leading market data technology consultancy and service provider, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the Leventhorpe School’s rugby team during their recent tour across Italy from April 6–13.

CJC’s sponsorship enabled the team to train abroad and enhance their skills, as well as the chance to immerse themselves in Italian culture. As part of CJC’s value-driven initiatives, we are committed to supporting and nurturing future talent.

Starting in Milan, the team explored the city and toured around San Siro stadium. The following day, they ventured to Verona for a scenic boat excursion on Lake Garda before their first matches in the afternoon. Another highlight of the tour involved a training session with the professional rugby team, Bennington Treviso, and a guided tour of Venice ahead of Leventhorpe’s second and third matches. In total, there were 3 teams and 9 away fixtures.

A representative from the Leventhorpe School said, “We extend our heartfelt thanks to CJC for their generous support. The team wore the CJC logo on their chests with pride and will continue to do so in the future.”

Sharon Laker, Senior Consultant at CJC, said, “As both an employee of CJC and as a parent of one of the tour participants, I am very proud to work with an organisation that values sportsmanship and invests in the future generation. This mirrors CJC’s commitment and dedication to both clients and staff members. The sponsorship not only supported my son’s passion and aspirations but also enabled the school to provide essential support to the boys during the tour. It was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by all.”

CJC’s CEO & Founder, Paul Gow, said, “We are so happy to be involved in the success of the Leventhorpe School’s rugby tour. As a core CJC value, we believe in supporting the well-being of young athletes to provide a structure and environment for youngsters to grow and thrive. The sponsorship demonstrates our ongoing commitment to sport and promoting sportsmanship on and off the pitch.”


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