February 2, 2021
CJC Strengthens Commercial Management Services Through Global Expansion And Strategic Initiatives
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CJC is expanding their Commercial Management business to help global clients adopt more compliant and cost-effective commercial management processes around the sourcing, licensing and reporting of market data.

Katie Goldsmith, Marketing Manager, CJC

Tuesday 2nd February – London

Driven by increasing client demand, CJC is expanding their Commercial Management business through several strategic initiatives and growing their consultancy teams in London and Hong Kong to provide extended service capabilities and support coverage across multiple time zones for their global clients.

Launching in Q1 of 2021, the enhanced managed service offering includes invoice processing, inventory management and business reporting services. Complemented with local consultancy offerings such as business cost and risk management, CJC is better positioned to help clients manage and improve their market data commercial environments.

Several strategic initiatives comprise of improving service management functions and reporting as well as integrating best-practice methodologies for process and documentation management. Additionally, various cross-regional projects have also been launched such as workflow automation, toolset optimization and customer onboarding efficiency.

To ensure cultural cohesion, a critical success factor entails leveraging the diversity of skillsets and capabilities of consultants across regions. This involves subject matter experts in business analysis, inventory, data licensing and audit based in London collaborating with client solution specialists in Hong Kong with technical backgrounds in accounting, finance and systems integration.

Janet Mail, Global Head of Commercial Management at CJC, commented; “By bringing on board additional industry-certified expertise and developing a diversity of skillsets and capabilities, we are able to deliver more cost-effective management processes, consistency in service quality and drive best practice standards for clients. Our enhanced solutions have been developed with the goal of improving client experience which I believe is our competitive advantage when compared to alternative offerings.”

Yan Shih, Head of Asia at CJC, commented; “Developing Commercial Management capabilities in Asia has been a key milestone for us. By leveraging CJC’s global expertise combined with our regional consultancy services, we are continually improving our offering as a strategic value-add and cost-effective commercial management solution for financial institutions and other market data consumers in Asia.”

With an increased global footprint and extended service capabilities alongside a strong culture of collaboration, CJC is better positioned to support existing and new managed service assignments, respond with greater agility to new requirements and introduce new, region-specific propositions. Existing clients will benefit from enhanced service quality with greater confidence in the running of their market data environment, while new clients will enjoy faster integration with their internal environment and processes.

About CJC Ltd.

CJC is a leading independent market data technology consultancy and services firm. We have over twenty years’ experience in design, build and operate services for multi-vendor market data environments for the financial services community. Our Commercial Management business focuses on helping clients address the complexity of sourcing, licensing and obligatory reporting of market data from vendors and exchanges.


For further information, please contact: cjccm@cjcit.com

For press enquiries, please contact: Katie Goldsmith (katie.goldsmith@cjcit.com) +44 (0) 203 328 7543

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