May 24, 2021
CJC Mosaicoa Now Available Via The Bt Radianz Cloud

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LONDON, MAY 24, 2021 -- CJC, a market data technology consulting and services firm with over twenty years’ experience in designing, building and operating market data systems, today announced that mosaicOA has become the first IT visualisation and analytics tool available to financial institutions via the BT Radianz Cloud, one of the world’s largest secure cloud communities for the global capital markets.

The move allows CJC to extend the availability of its mosaicOA solution, an IT analytics visualization tool, to an existing community of Radianz members, including brokers, institutions, clearing and settlement houses and exchanges. It will help the company accelerate growth of the mosaicOA user base while offering customers a secure, resilient and convenient method for consuming the solution.

CJC’s mosaicOA uses big data to help firms monitor the performance of their real-time market data systems and gives clients a window into their data technology estate. It provides users with highly interactive dashboards to understand every aspect of their infrastructure such as low latency network performance, application behaviours, market data volatilities, volumes and trends. It can help Radianz community members save time and costs by identifying areas of improvement across their IT infrastructure allowing them to rapidly optimise operations to enhance efficiency, reduce risk of outages and lower costs.

By joining the Radianz Cloud, CJC can offer community members a managed service including all the benefits of the mosaicOA solution, which is hosted in Google Cloud Platform, combined with the security, high performance and resilience of Radianz connectivity

Yousaf Hafeez, Director of Capital Markets Development, Radianz, BT, said: “We are delighted to offer community members access to CJC’s MosaicOA, the first IT analytics platform available via the Radianz Cloud. It offers members the ability to monitor their IT infrastructure in real time and capture and store all relevant data to help meeting regulatory requirements. Moreover, it can help clients to learn network behaviour and predict resourcing to ensure performance and availability across their IT estate. It’s a great example of how Radianz continues to bring the latest service innovations to the global capital markets while helping solution providers grow.”

Paul Gow, CJC CEO: “Today's announcement marks a significant milestone in our growth strategy, making our solution available to BT’s ready-made Radianz global marketplace. It allows us to offer existing users of mosaicOA and wider Radianz community members a complete choice of managed service options. This means a scalable way to consume our solution wherever they need it, choice of global connectivity, market data, access to private hosting or the cloud and incredible tooling and analytics-built in.”

About CJC Ltd.

CJC is a leading independent market data technology consultancy and services firm. We have over twenty years’ experience in design, build and operate services for multi-vendor market data environments for the financial services community.

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