November 21, 2023
Webinar: A Guide To Telecom Expense Management For Modern Businesses

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Antony Fung
As the financial industry increasingly embraces the cloud, the underlying and often overlooked energy crisis threatens to derail cloud ambitions. SunGard, a hyper-scale data centre and cloud provider, has already fallen victim, and an estimated 16,000 clients are left scrambling in the aftermath. This article explores the underlying cause of rising energy prices, the impact on data centres, the risks to the financial industry, how firms can mitigate risks, and how CJC can help.
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  • Sara Baker, Global Head of Commercial Management at CJC.
  • Alistair Brooker, VP Market Data at Calero.

Moderated by: Bruce Dodworth, Sea Glass.

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The telecom industry is rapidly changing, and its modern-day usage is always shifting. In this fireside chat, brought to you by CJC in partnership with Calero and produced by BrightTalk, we deep dive into some of the ways the telecom industry is evolving, from voice trading to telecom expense management (TEM).
What does effective telecom expense management look like? How can it help support your client base, and why is now the time to define your TEM approach?
Join us as we discuss:
  • Telecommunications for the modern enterprise
  • Improving financial efficiency with telecom expense management
  • Specialist usages of telecommunications
  • Voice trading
  • And much more



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