August 18, 2023
Swimming For Gold: Reese Huckle at the British Summer Championships
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Reese Huckle 14.24% Faster at Championships Since Training


LONDON, August 18, 2023 – Crown Jewels Consultants Ltd (CJC), the award-winning and leading market data technology consultancy and service provider, is happy to update our readers that Reese Huckle, sponsored by CJC, achieved a gold medal in the 100m and a bronze in the 50m Butterfly Stroke at Kent counties.

Despite only participating in 10 of the 13 races she qualified for, 13-year-old Reese exceeded all expectations. Securing two medals for the butterfly stroke, Reese was a finalist in 6 other races and achieved multiple personal bests. Competing for the first time in the 200m Butterfly Stroke at the English Nationals, she placed 5th with 2 minutes and 27.5 seconds for Butterfly Stroke – a difference of only 0.13 seconds between 5th and 3rd place and a personal best.

Selected for the English Secondary School Association Regional Team, Reese competed against the English Regions in Coventry and qualified for 10 Regional events, performing well throughout. Her dedication and hard work earned Reese great times in the British National Championships for the 100m Fly, coming in 12th overall in GB.


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Claire Jones, Reese’s mother, said, “She has enjoyed this season immensely, travelling over the country with opportunities always coming her way. She is looking forward to the next Cyprus camp in February for more intense training, which was possible with CJC’s support. We couldn’t be prouder of her.”

Paul Gow, Chief Executive Officer at CJC, said “As Reese’s sponsor for this season, we are both thrilled and proud of her. CJC believes in supporting the well-being of committed young athletes, which Reese continues to be a prime example of. ”


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