June 13, 2023
CJC Boosts Cybersecurity with Google Chronicle Security via SEP2
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CJC Deploys Google Chronicle Security Operations Suite With SEP2 Partnership


LONDON, 13 JUNE, 2023 – Crown Jewels Consultants (CJC), the leading market data-managed services provider, is pleased to announce the deployment of the Google Chronicle Security Operations Suite and a partnership with SEP2, a leading cyber security specialist organisation. These represent the most recent cybersecurity measures taken by CJC to safeguard the integrity of the client’s market data IT infrastructure.

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The Google Chronicle Security Operations suite is designed to eliminate security blind spots by ingesting all data at a petabyte scale and sub-second queries, which allows for automated response and detection of previously undetected threats. The platform also offers curated detections, insights, and AI-powered investigations, enabling a modern threat detection and response approach. To optimise the platform’s deployment, CJC has partnered with SEP2 on Google’s introduction.

Gina Wee, Chief Information Officer at CJC said, "We are excited to be working with SEP2 and using Google Chronicle SIEM and SOAR solutions to improve our security operations.” Speaking about the impacts and benefits, she adds, "In all aspects of incident management, from clients to internal users, we aim to improve threat response times and decrease our incident resolution times. We are excited to have better metrics and increase the automation in our security processes.

Peter Price, Global Head of Internal Services and Cloud Operations at CJC said “Client data security is CJC’s top priority, and the Google Chronicle Security Operations suite is a paradigm changer in how security investigations are conducted. The partnership with SEP2 is to ensure that how we deploy security is at a reference standard.

Paul Starr, Chief Executive Officer at SEP2 says “After conversations around CJC's current and future security needs, together, the conclusion was drawn that SEP2.security, SEP2's MDR solution, was the best option for their organisation going forward. SEP2.security combines the best-in-breed technology platforms of Chronicle SIEM and SOAR, with SEP2's 24x7 eyes-on Wingman support service. This around-the-clock support gives peace of mind to CJC's internal support teams and clients.


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