March 2, 2021
Case Study: Taking Control – Managing & Optimizing The Financial & Compliance Risk of Enterprise Market Data

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What’s inside?

Financial institutions commonly struggle with the commercial management of their market data estate. Yet if not properly managed, the increasing complexity of sourcing, licensing and necessary reporting can result in serious challenges around both financial and legal risk. Based on client profiles and our own market research, the key challenges faced by market data consumers can be categorized into five areas:

  • Cost Management and Transparency 
  • Vendor and Exchange Contractual Compliance 
  • Governance on Controlling Spend
  • Operational Efficiency and Resource Scalability
  • Knowledge and Expertise in a Complex Industry and Environment

It may be assumed that these risk challenges arise because firms simply lack the dedicated capacity to address them. However, the reality is more nuanced. Almost every one of our clients have dedicated people, functions, tools, workflows and processes to administer their market data estate, yet the challenges remain.

Why do they struggle? What are the specific issues they face and what solutions can be put in place to help overcome them? Download our free case study to learn more!

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