October 5, 2022
Case Study: How CJC helped a leading global investment bank and financial services institution migrate their data and upgrade their RTDS environment.

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What’s Inside?

CJC assisted a leading global investment bank and financial services firm migrate data centres from Chai Wan to Tseung Kwan O in Hong Kong without impacting business operations. Subsequently, The data centre migration and RTDS upgrade were completed successfully by the May 2019 deadline of 8 months, with no business disruptions. Through CJC’s flexible resourcing and support, the client streamlined market data costs, reduced business risks, and upgraded their RTDS environment in a new and resilient data centre.

Summary of Results:

  • Non-Disruptive Data Centre Migration.
  • Delivered On-budget & On-Time.
  • Reduced Business Risks.
  • Streamlined Market Data Costs.
  • Upgraded RTDS environment.

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