May 4, 2021
CJC Goes ‘Cloud First’, With Google Cloud Migration
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CJC, a leading independent market data technology consulting and services firm today has announced it has completed the migration of its managed service tooling and products to the public cloud. CJC now provides its IT monitoring platforms, cloud tooling and IT analytics platform mosaicOA exclusively from Google Cloud. In the process, CJC’s client base has also been migrated. Taking a cue from end user firms own directives, CJC now operates a ‘cloud-first’ policy for all internal systems and products, where possible.

Since 2013, CJC has operated an Equinix based private cloud platform, with clients connecting from over 22 geographical locations. These firms have used a vast array of CJC managed services, server orchestration and IT analytics solutions.

Pete Williams, CJC CTO “It’s an exciting moment for CJC as we announce the completion of our move to public cloud. Many industry firms, clients, vendors or our peers, have announced their plans to migrate; for CJC this is the culmination of training, accreditations, building new cloud native solutions and significant migration management.” Williams continues: “Since 2017 we have witnessed how the landscape has been evolving from on-premises or hosted systems, to private or hybrid cloud offerings and now to full public cloud adoption. These trends have been long discussed- but even 12 months ago some of our client base simply would not have tolerated a public cloud. However, in recent months, there has been nothing short of a seismic change in direction at our clients”.

The migration had significant challenges to overcome; from the complexities of CJC technologies and products and the high standards of end user firm’s IT security requirements: “We’re really proud of the speed in which we achieved the migration. Our own products and tooling are a combination of global networks, complex real-time architecture, and big data analytics, much of which were not designed for cloud. From the decision to migrate to Google Cloud, all of our selected resources had a fully designed and tested solutions completed in around 1 month – a great achievement for the team and testament to thier expertise and hard work".

We’ve worked closely with our client’s IT security and networking teams to get sign off and approval where required. "Essentially, the clients had to treat us as a new supplier which had to be signed off from a security and IT risk perspective. We anticipated this could be up to 6 months. However, with our accreditations, our training, our documentation and the high standards of security we have implemented – it was 6-12 weeks concurrently across clients".

CJC needed to work closely with Google Cloud to achieve sign off from the globally recognised firms that use CJC services.

From IT sign off CJC clients were migrated between December 2020 and Feb 2021. Now that the migration is complete, CJC has officially initiated a cloud-first policy, where appropriate.

Paul Gow, CJC CEO “We are taking a cue from our clients; in all of our meetings our clients now state they operate a ‘cloud-first’ policy. There are still many clients who are not ready for cloud or those who are latency sensitive. No difference for us, we will always use and support traditional technologies when applicable, but for our own monitoring, tooling, and products, we know we can be 100% cloud.

“We’re delighted to support CJC’s transition to a cloud-first business,” said Adrian Poole, Director, Financial Services, UKI at Google Cloud. “CJC’s decision to bring its platforms and products onto Google Cloud will deliver strong value for customers, including reduced latency, reliable and scalable infrastructure, and access to cutting edge capabilities in AI, ML, and analytics.”

Clients can access CJC and Google Cloud from their existing data centre locations, with many firms being able to leverage their data centres cloud access frameworks. CJC will soon launch further details and partnerships on how clients achieve private and high bandwidth access CJC services globally.

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