June 27, 2023
White Paper: Supporting Market Data IT Infrastructure
Cloud Solutions

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A Managed Services Approach To Market Data IT Infrastructure.


A resilient and robust IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of successfully managing market data for any financial services firm. The implications of unscheduled system outages are estimated at $5,600 per minute and will inevitably be even higher for companies relying on low-latency market data access. With the need for continuous availability and operational resilience, 54% of leading financial firms are outsourcing to trusted managed service providers (MSPs) to not just manage mission-critical market data IT infrastructure but also implement contingency plans in the event of an unforeseen incident.

This report provides insight from CJC's leading experts on how to support vital market data IT infrastructure, covering incident management, cloud migration, cyber security, and a managed service approach to market data IT infrastructure. It also touches upon observability, monitoring, and professional services expertise.

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