February 25, 2021
Case Study: mosaicOA – Critical Issue Identification

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What’s inside?

In the capital markets, firms can have hundreds of critical IT servers and appliances, distributing real-time data globally. These servers are monitored 24x7, creating thousands of IT metrics and events. When an unprecedented issue occurs, there is a raft of information to decipher.

Recently one of our clients, a global tier 1 bank using mosaicOA - our IT analytics platform - to analyse their entire capital markets estate, had a notable data centre outage. Despite effective resiliency – end users did not lose service – it was still of paramount importance to isolate the specific issue and ensure any and all rectification measures were put in place.

The Results

  • IT Metrics – all updates on the server, e.g. a CPU changing from 44% to 50% utilisation
  • Events – any changes that trigger an alarm, e.g. a CPU hitting a set threshold like 80%

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