June 25, 2020
Community Critical Incident Analysis
IT Analytics,

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Antony Fung
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CJC leverage state of the art tooling to help provide immediate and expert analysis during regional outage.

Steven Moreton, Global Head of Product Management, CJC

The capital markets are an incestuous and close-knit community. Often, relationships remain tight, even in the time of “people moves”. This is best proven during periods of global or regional outages that affect multiple firms. When an issue occurs, the community reaches out to each other with the basic question “are you seeing this too?”.

This week was no exception. In North America, a leading vendor had an issue with specific instruments causing a time-out from select datacentres. The issues occurred at market open on Monday and Tuesday. Quite soon, the community began to reach out over various messaging systems, email, and phone to see if this was a local issue to their site or something which was multi-client.

It’s handy for the community that CJC leverage state of the art tooling to help us provide immediate and expert analysis. In this instance, our teams and clients could see from our heatmap systems that US and Toronto datacentres were running hotter than usual. This function is a key part of scrum meetings for CJC and our clients.

mosaicOA showed exactly where issues were happening and had alerted them in our heatmap reports:

Level 2 Direct Feeds displayed notable heat in New York/Toronto, other regions stayed nominal

From this, we could also look at Critical Incidents specific to the vendor platforms affected, much like in our Critical Issue Identification case study – sadly we cannot provide screenshots due to confidentiality agreements.

Our client’s system had generated up to 14K of IT metrics and warnings. Only 30 of these were pertinent to the vendor platform which suffered the outage. Leveraging mosaicOA, CJC could replay these specific events and see clearly where and how the problem started. We were immediately able to see the how’s and why’s of the system affected and provide root cause analysis and realistic timescales.

We kept our clients updated while the vendor performed fixes and could see that all was back to normal during US market open on 24/06/2020.

CJC, as a managed service provider for hundreds of clients, have an unprecedented view of multiple firms. With this expert view, we were able to identify that wholly separate firms were simultaneously affected and report back to the community our findings.

Learn more about mosaicOA.

Steve Moreton


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