February 26, 2021
Case Study: CJC Provides World-Class Expertise to Guarantee Platform Migration Success

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What’s inside?

This case study details how CJC helped our client successfully migrate from their legacy TIBCO messaging environment to a modern Solace
hybrid cloud solution.

The migration of middleware is a complex challenge that requires support from software vendors and solution providers like CJC who have decades
of design, build and operations experience with critical message delivery platforms.

The Challenges

  • Breaking tight couplings with legacy applications
  • Lack of in-house expertise, monitoring and tooling to successfully migrate to a modern middleware solution
  • Inefficient publishing and subscribing methodology

The Benefits 

  • Successful migration to a modern hybrid cloud messaging solution within
    a targeted time frame
  • 24x7 support, management and training
  • Consistent performance levels

Outstanding support. Every step of the way.

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