November 30, 2022
Mind The Gap: Market Data, Cloud, & Interoperability

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Look At The Cloud Long-Term, Beyond Acquisition.

2022 has been a transformative year from a market data infrastructure perspective, from operational resilience regulations to firms discovering the cloud’s well-documented benefits. 2023 will likely see a continuation where the focus shifts to establishing resilient market data systems in the cloud to compete against major institutions, like Fidelity, already leveraging its capabilities. Anticipating the shift, this insight highlights both the short- and long-term considerations cloud-adopting firms need to account for, which include:

  • Obtaining The Cloud: Single, Multi, Hybrid, or Distributed?
  • Operating The Cloud: Interoperability & Functionality.
  • Managing The Cloud: Management, Visibility & Resilience.
  • How CJC can help: Build, Operate & Optimise.

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