February 25, 2021
mosaicOA: Better IT Analytics for the Capital Markets

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mosaicOA is a powerful IT analytics SaaS solution that brings large data sets together in one place, so you can analyse and gain invaluable insight into your critical capital markets infrastructure.

Problem management, capacity management and reporting have never been more accessible. With mosaicOA’s easy-to-build, customisable and interactive dashboards, you can instantly see the bigger picture in real-time. This ability to visualise your market data infrastructure (Refinitiv RTDS (TREP), Bloomberg, Exegy, Solace) in one place, means you can precisely assess your systems’ performance, giving you greater control and certainty over your capacity and IT costs.

What’s inside?

Firms across the capital markets spectrum typically have multiple bespoke low latency exchanges and specialist infrastructures, such as Refinitiv RTDS (formerly TREP), Bloomberg, Exegy and Solace, all distributing real-time data both internally and to counterparties across the globe. These IT infrastructures are critical to running capital markets operations and any disruption comes at a high cost. IT analytics provides essential information on market data infrastructure performance to enable:

  • Problem Management: Analysis of infrastructure outages and impacts from market swing, volatility or negative trends.
  • Capacity Management: Anticipating the impact of new technology or software upgrades.
  • Reporting: Providing IT executives, and business owners with reporting on their weekly system behaviour.

The Results

  • Secure total visibility of the system’s performance and health.
  • Identify the root cause of incidents and issues.
  • Bringing control and certainty over IT capacity and costs, as well as reduced CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Providing data science and AI engineering to support operations.

Permanent Granular Storage

Effective IT analytics can only be carried out with long-term granular data. Leveraging a world-class time series database and handling hundreds of thousands of updates per second, our storage capacity and innovative data and detail retention policies create a powerful database for advanced analysis. As soon as the data is created, you can analyse and review the last second to the last year.


SaaS Solution

Enables you to bring together all your infrastructure data in one place so you can immediately evaluate your true data capacity.

Permanent Storage

Analysis of historical data enables more accurate projections allowing you to identify behavioural issues early on.

Powerful Visualisation

Easy-to-build, customisable and interactive dashboards let you zoom out to see the bigger picture and zoom in to view your historical data in granular detail.

Conduct Robust Searches Across Your Data

mosaicOA comes with a powerful front-end which can easily search and query your data. Whatever data you provide, from IT telemetry to user behaviour, mosaicOA can store and visualise that data.

Intelligent Analysis

Our powerful database and restful API provide immediate access for your Data Science and AI Engineering teams. mosaicOA comes out of the box with advanced data sorting techniques such as principal component analysis (PCA), pattern recognition and ‘mean shift’ for anomaly detection. It is easy to connect mosaicOA to AI enablement platforms such as big query, data bricks and Datarobot.

About CJC:

CJC is the leading market data technology consultancy and service provider for global financial markets. CJC provides multi-award-winning consultancy, managed services, cloud solutions, observability, and professional commercial management services for mission-critical market data systems. CJC is ISO 27001 certified, enabling CJC’s partners the freedom to focus on their core business. 

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