Spreadsheets provide a vital function… a function that can easily lead to issues.

At CJC, we help multiple firms upgrade their TREP and other capital markets platforms to achieve long-term performance and cost efficiencies required.

At CJC, we’ve applied the logic of heatmaps to events to provide a powerful understanding of system behaviours and top talkers.

A look at the importance and history of heatmaps, CJC’s capabilities, and how our IT analytics tool, mosaicOA, can uncover some vital infrastructure realities.

A look at the importance and history of time-series data, CJC capabilities, and how we take time-series database to the next level.

CJC leverage state of the art tooling to help provide immediate and expert analysis during regional outage.

We’ve been working diligently but safely in these difficult times.

Unprecedented message volatility needs instant and predictive capacity management.

Granularity and historical data are vital to be able to accurately trendline capital markets technology

Peace of mind perhaps summarises the key benefit of mosaicOA to a client.