March 2, 2021
Preparing for Market Data Exchange and Vendor Audits

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What’s inside?

Audits becoming a regular feature on the calendar for exchanges and data providers, financial markets players can often find themselves in an endless cycle of audit preparation and post-audit clean-up. In fact, it’s fair to say that the audit announcement is the number one cause of stress amongst the market data community:

  • Demand Management: Streamlined request management processes with approval signoff and efficient delivery
  • Inventory Management: Standard categorization for vendors, services and contracts with inputs including HR and entitlements
  • Financial Management: Review and reconciliation through inventory management tools with exception handling and escalation services
  • Vendor Management: Order, contract management and maintenance with advisory on pricing and negotiations
  • Cost Reporting: Full transparency of reporting for management information
  • Business Analysis: Strategic vendor analysis, advisory and internal data auditing

"In a mock audit, we conduct a comprehensive review of the client's market data ecosystem tying together the usage, invoicing, contractual relationships, and entitlement controls to help ensure compliance at all levels. The client is provided a quantitative risk assessment, guidance on targeting high-risk areas, as well as ways to optimize spend.”

Janet Mail, Global Head of Commercial Management Services

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