CJC is proud to announce its sponsorship of Reese Huckle, a 14-year-old student from Kent, who is on a journey to qualify for the British National Championships. Reese has been a keen swimmer since she was just seven years old and in recognition of her dedication, CJC is contributing towards Reese’s training expenses and equipment. As part of its value-driven initiatives, CJC is committed to supporting the well-being and talent of future generations.

The Financial Technology Report’s annual list recognises women for their leadership and outstanding contributions towards digital innovation and transformation in the financial services sector. Since joining CJC in 2012, Gina has continually implemented world-class standards and processes for the company’s global teams in London, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Sandra Villena was one of those people who keeps an organization, or a community, running—a person who shows up, puts in the effort, and leaves the space around them better than they found it. Someone who raises their hand to take on the project no one wants to do, who will give up their weekends to see it through, and who believes that the toil of a job done and done well means something. 

WatersTechnology, the leading financial market technology information provider, has posthumously awarded Sandra Villena, Support Specialist at CJC, the ‘Unsung Heroine Award’ at the 2023 Women In Technology & Data Awards. The prestigious awards programme recognises and promotes women in technology and data roles across the capital markets.

Crown Jewels Consultants Ltd. (CJC), a leading market data technology consultancy and service provider for global financial markets, has been named ‘Best Specialist Market Data Consultancy’ by the A-Team Group at the 2023 TradingTech Insight Awards for the fourth consecutive year. The award demonstrates CJC’s expertise and enduring position as a leading market data technology consultancy.

At the 2023 FISD Netherlands event hosted by Rabobank on January 25, Steve Moreton, Global Head of Product Management at CJC, presented the first FISD topic around the ‘Metaverse’, with focus on introducing the concept, technology, and implications on market data and the capital markets.

CJC has been recognised as the ‘Best Managed Services Provider & Recognised Leaders in Financial Technology’ by EMG Publishing at the 2022 M&A Today Global Awards. The award recognises CJC’s leading technical expertise and its enduring position as the leading specialist market data consultancy.

CJC Named ‘Best Financial Market Data Services UK’ by Capital Financial International (CFI.co) LONDON, SEPTEMBER 27, 2022 – CJC has won ‘Best Financial Market Data Services UK’ at the 2022 Capital Financial International (CFI.co) Awards, demonstrating CJC’s expertise and position as the leading market data consultancy and technology services provider for the financial services industry. CFI’s Awards Programme identifies individuals …

Crown Jewels Consultants (CJC) is pleased to announce that Sara Baker, previously Senior Consultant, has been promoted to the new Global Head of Commercial Management after 6 years at the company. Janet Mail, former Global Head of Commercial Management, takes on a strategic advisory role at CJC.