The Public Cloud - Only Part Of The Solution

In capital markets, the lesson of IT offshoring has been taken on board and the trend has now been reversed.

Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer, CJC

This is an extract from a paper looking at cloud technology in the capital markets, available here.

Unlike the original, singular approach to IT offshoring, with public cloud adoption other options are being explored that will allow firms to get the best out of cloud technology.

Private versus Public

Last year, a research paper from Gartner highlighted instances where it made sense to adopt private cloud over public. These included where:

  • High application performance is required, with stringent SLAs
  • Regulatory compliance, or applications requiring control, or risk tolerance is low
  • They are less costly than public cloud services
  • Mode 1 apps require greater agility and frequency of releases


According to the RightScale 2017 State of The Cloud Report, adoption of cloud solutions remains robust:


The same report indicates that enterprises run 75 percent of workloads in cloud with more in private cloud (43 percent) vs. public cloud (32 percent):

% Enterprise workloads in cloud

From CJC’s perspective, these are positive signs, though to fully reap the benefits of the cloud there are still challenges to overcome.

The report suggests those challenges embrace:

chart 2


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