Private Or Public Cloud ? Hybrid Is The Way Forward

Hybrid is almost certainly the way forward; public cloud will absolutely continue to be used and this use will undoubtedly grow. But only in the areas for which it is best suited.

Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer, CJC

This is an extract from a paper looking at cloud technology in the capital markets, available here.


Data challenges can be met by providers of private cloud managed services. Specialist firms are able to tackle them head on and provide solutions that meet the stringent requirements of capital markets participants.

It should be clearly borne in mind that moving to the public cloud does not remove the requirement for support teams to manage applications. Private cloud will be where the smart players differentiate themselves and private cloud providers will be delivering the value. 

When specialist skills are aligned with industry specific expertise and systems are delivered from key financial locations and datacentres, the way ahead is clear.

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