Reducing Costs By Moving To Big Data And The Private Cloud

"It can be upwards of $20,000 a year for 1 server in our own data centre. The move to private or public cloud really is a move to more efficient operating models." Market Data Manager, Tier 1 Investment Bank.

By Steve Moreton & Peter Williams, Senior Technical Directors, CJC

We have now launched mosaicOA – a big data visualization solution with our initial use case focusing on ITOA. This has been something we have been working on for a few years now. What is most exciting has been the announcement of a production client, the result of a process that took 18 months.

Firstly – what is ITOA? IT Operations Analytics is an approach designed to retrieve, analyze and report data for IT operations. ITOA applies big data analytics to large datasets where IT operations can extract unique business insights. Gartner has rated the business impact of ITOA as being ‘high’, meaning that its use will see businesses enjoy significantly increased revenue or cost saving opportunities.

CJC have provided our clients ITOA since 2012 as part of our standard managed services. However, feedback from our engineering team and clients showed we needed to go deeper and embrace the full ‘truth’ of client infrastructures.

So what do we mean by truth – let’s put it this way. All of the sensors on real time infrastructure(s) are collecting data on both standard components like the CPU, RAM, OS, along with industry specific application level data from systems such as TREP, Solace, Wombat and BPIPE. Client infrastructures can easily generate hundreds of thousands to millions of metrics – all updating at high frequency with some at sub-second intervals. All of this data has to be tracked, managed, stored and analyzed – not just for a day or a week, but for months and potentially years.

This immediately led us to several challenges – traditional database solutions like Oracle and SQL are just not cut out for the job. Database licenses and storage have bigger costs at some institutions than market data! Not only this, but once you have this information stored – how would you visualise it?

All challenges were successfully met and described in our case study.

Our client wanted a POC. Check. Client required a pre-production pilot. Check. We then started the process of moving to production. At this time, we discovered we had been in a cook off with another vendor.

We won.

As our client stated – “Best front end, no infrastructure needed upgrading, paid for by cost savings on database sizes.”

The best thing for us is that this is a major win for our private cloud platform.

CJC can go head to head on price with the major public cloud vendors, deliver a service from a secure private location and provide specialist add on services outside of server orchestration.


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